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Your lower self is the parts of you that you may find unsavory or try to hide. The aim is to try and remove as much of the lower self, so your higher self can be set free of all the layers and masks the lower self has created to “protect” or “guide” you. When things your higher self (the part of you that only has your best and most highest good in mind) are muddied by all the subconscious and unconscious motives of the lower self, it can cause all kinds of ailments including emotional maybe even physical illness.

And just to be clear—we ask you to sign up for the UPCOMING month (pre-paying for the next month’s content). Paying in JUNE gives you access to JULY’S and not JUNE content.


Sessions are not finalized until the email sent out on the 1st of July and are subject to change.

Blended Reiki Heal
Soul Retrieval
Lower Self Journey

The email with YOUR new HOUSE key will drop JULY 1, 2019 @ 8:00–8:30 AM PST.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Unless you pay a subscription fee, you will not receive the password key to enter the website.

What do you get when you sign up?

  • a minimum of 3 live group healing sessions // (for example) past life regressions, sound meditations, soul retrievals, reiki, spirit greetings

  • channeled messages // from guides, ascended masters, and the goddess Hecate

  • tarotcast & oracles + omens // tarot + oracle card pulls and messages

  • spirit forecast // a look ahead at what the dead, your guides, and angels are doing

  • LRIs // limited release items are items only available for a short period of time during the month, created to enhance your healing

  • so much more including a spirit attachment clinic, monthly workbook (tailored to our theme for personal reflections), replays of the live sessions, the apothecary (our online store), guest content, bonus content that arrives throughout the month, birthday shoutouts, and private facebook group

We know financial hardships can be challenging when you’re looking to heal.