Nancy hess

Clairaudient Rescue + Channel Medium, Ordained Minister, Crystal Empath, Reiki Master, Shaman, and Soul Journey Deck Creator.

For most of my life, I have worked very closely with spirit to not only bring forth messages and healing energies for those here in the physical but to bring "therapy" to spirits as well—ushering them to their next best place (think grim reaper but with a light sarcastic flair). In conjunction with that, I also specialize in spirit attachments, soul retrievals, and emotional healing for both those alive as well as the dead.

Though I grew up an only child, I was far from alone. Some of my earliest memories are of seeing and hearing spirit—I was constantly surrounded by them. My life seemed like something out of a TV show with how much “paranormal” activity followed me around. From voices, footsteps, missing objects, knocking, electrical interference...every day was a new adventure in how spirit would try and get my attention next. 

At home my gifts were nurtured and encouraged, as many of my family members shared in similar experiences, but the outside world...not so encouraging. Eventually, life got in the way and I ended up suppressing my gifts to get through my busy days. Unfortunately the more I ignored spirit, the harder it tried to get my attention. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, and working in that industry for 10 years, I felt a shift coming—it was time for a big change. 

I could no longer deny my abilities so I sought help through spiritual counseling and other outlets to fully embrace and grow my natural gifts. My calling to join the Spiritualist community allowed me to surround myself with like-minded people—something that I craved deeply since childhood. They encouraged me to follow my intuition, trust in the divine, and remind us all of the power of spirit in our lives as well as reclaim my birthright as a medium.

My work as a healer and medium challenges me to continually grow and fulfill my life’s purpose to serve others (spirits included) in a way that they may feel they can’t do for themselves. I promote spirit justice for those on the other side, reminding all of us here in the physical that we have a special duty to remember that those in spirit are just like us. Their thoughts, feelings, and personal identities still remain with them. Even though they have transitioned from their physical bodies, they deserve the healing help they need to move on and grow. Sometimes this may be pretty scary, but I believe my work can help us all to push through the fear and do the highest good for everyone and help both those in the physical and in spirit to find peace. 

I work to empower my clients—teaching and guiding them to harness their own power, diminish fears of the unknown, bring a tangibility and vocabulary to conversations about the physical body/energy systems, the dead, and more.