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The official ONLINE CHURCH for The Crow Conjuring.

THE ORDER IS FREE. Just like it doesn’t cost money to enter through the doors of your local parish—there is no fee for attending any of the open offerings The Order provides. Each of our readers are compensated for their service to our church, so while love donations are encouraged (even $1) if you can’t pay you will not be turned away.

THE ORDER IS NOT JUST FOR READERS! If it was…who would they read for?! We need YOU to come to our services. To be celebrated. To be validated. To be read by our wonderful readers!

The Crow Conjuring is not a lovey, fluffy, open community. In the TCC space, we are individuals together on our own healing journeys. TCC is about hard work, learning through first hand experience, and diving deep into the unknown for answers to questions we haven’t even asked yet.

But all work and no play has made our crows grow a bit anxious. We hear you. We see you. We recognize the need for community.



Here, you will find that community. Here, you will be able to openly share of yourself—openly support those around you, and get that open support for yourself as well. This space—conceived out of the hard work we’ve forged through The Crow Conjuring. Born into the physical, so to speak, by our need to seek something more. As a way of bringing our personal journeys together as they ultimately should be—because we’re all connected.


In order to be one of our monthly readers, please click below to read our rules + terms. By signing up to read for us, you agree to those rules and terms.



A note from our pastor.


I strive to always bring transparency to what we do. I have started this open community, simply, because our clients asked for it. Because we’ve had people leave our community since it didn’t offer that more “togetherness” kind of feel that other communities do. I never envisioned TCC to be that kind of place…and it won’t be. That’s simply not its function nor purpose.

The Order is not a place where you will need to gear up to dive deep—to feel like you’ve just jumped down a rabbit hole. It will be a place of, dare I say, rest. A place to celebrate all the work you have done by allowing you to take the lead in the offerings and show off how far you’ve come. It’s a place where we can give back to our community, now congregation, and allow us to repay your kindness and support in a completely different light.

So how will The Order function in the future?

We aren’t looking to bite off more than we can chew. We have big plans and lots of room to expand what we can offer to our community at large. Eventually, there will be weekly meetings. Eventually, there will be classes + workshops of all kinds, both paid and free.

But we have to closely monitor and gauge the interest and engagement levels of our congregation for now. You have asked, and we’ve heard it sooo many times before—that you’ve been looking for a space like this. So we’re giving it to you—freely…and paying you for it. Take advantage.

You can use this space to practice your craft, help yourselves find potential clients, even find others to collaborate with. The more we see that you are interested and active with this Sanctuary we are providing you, the more we can offer to you. So many of you wanted to offer healings and readings along side of us. And now that’s 100% possible.

with spirit, nancy hess