The crow conjuring Fund-A-Need

Your donations for our Fund-A-Need are used towards necessities for The Crow Conjuring site, its operations, and advancing our reach including:

  • Fellowship funding

  • Purchasing supplies for catalogue items

  • Marketing efforts

  • Site upgrades

  • Site maintenance fees

  • Paying guest content creators

  • Postage + mailing supplies

Every dollar you give us through your subscription goes towards The Crow Conjuring and its operations directly. However, donations help put us over the top! Your donations allow us to reach our goals faster, explore new avenues for healing, purchasing site supplies like sound bowls + decks, promote us in the larger scope of the spiritual community, and allow us to continue to grow at an equitable rate with our also growing client base! Our goal is to always have The Crow Conjuring be completely self-sustaining. This means that none of our healers are pulling out of their own pockets and it’s YOU, our beautiful clients who are allowing this site to run at it’s full capacity!

Every month, our spending increases as our client base increases. Here is a snapshot of what your subscription dollars were spent on in April for reference:

  • $40 for the site hosting

  • $5 for email marketing

  • $30 for Zoom subscription

  • $250 for supplies for our LRIs and mail home item

  • $160 for postage

  • $30 for mailing supplies

  • $50 for new promotional cards

As a THANK YOU to everyone who donates we will add your name to our list of Site Supporters. At the end of the year, there will be a special recognition that is honored with a surprise!

If you would like to remain anonymous, please make that notation with your donation—there is an additional information section where you can note this.


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