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H E L L O   R E P L A Y S

(for class 1 running august 03–october 18, 2018)

This page will be your landing spot for any and all replays, card pulls, + additional content from each class.

(NOTE: you guys are on the karma system to NOT share ANY of the information that comes through during these class meetings. Some of the information may be private and should be considered confidential within the "confines and constructs" of these class sessions together. None of these videos, audio files, or homework should or can be shared with the "outside world" past working with others in this class during this current time.)



This week we went over guides, went on our first guided shamanic-like journey to meet a guide, and answered some questions and chatted about guide work, trusting your experiences + intuition. (lol sorry for pizza intro)

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5-card pull for 08.02.2018 class

IF you weren't in class

Welcome!! If any of you get lost—please shoot me an email or message in our Facebook Group


Practice (either with video or from memory/notes) the guide journey that we experienced today. If you didn't go anywhere you have a few options—you can 1) try again with this video, 2) schedule an appointment with me for a 1-on-1 go at it, or 3) you can also just wait till next week to try again.

Also, work on saying 1 positive "I Am..." affirmation OUT LOUD and TO YOURSELF IN A MIRROR!

EXTRA CHALLENGE—if you say a positive "I Am..." statement every time  you see yourself in a mirror.

next week

We will continue answering questions about guide work, intuition, trusting yourself, etc. We'll go over your solo journeys (if you've chosen to do them), and go over other ways to connect with guides as well as their "dark" sides.



This week went a little long—sorry!! We chatted all about encouraging to you trust your experiences, take what you get, and meeting yourself where you're at. We touched on misconceptions with spirit and a little how everything including our connections to each other in past lives is all dedicated and dictated by this idea that we must all learn to TRUST OUR EXPERIENCES. because remember...if you're unwilling to do it for yourself—you cannot do it for anyone else.

2-card pull for 08.09.2018 class


We are going to work on the LANGUAGE that you use when you describe your experiences. Working on NOT using words like "i don't know if"...or "i'm not sure but"...take those OUT OF YOUR VOCAB! 

Question EVERYTHING. If you move to dismiss anything—question it. If you don't want to question your dismissal—question that. I challenge you to look for all the ways you describe things with labels (good/bad/negative/positive.etc) and move to make those more neutral words to discourage some of the stigma that comes with those "big feeling" words.

Also PAY ATTENTION to what comes up before class. EVEN IF you don't think it's relevant...or you first think it's something...then dismiss it...I WANT TO HEAR!! This type of work brings out so much in our healing journeys. Don't let things slip through. Make notes, video diary...seriously. Everything has value.

next week

...spirit is still deciding.



This is the audio recording of my class for the 3LTRIBE's August, online retreat. Sorry though...the first few minutes are missing! Oh nooo! ...I forgot to hit record right off the bat. Enjoy the class—we'll be discussing this more this coming week!



This week went a little long—again!! ...I really gotta stop talking so much! This week we covered Reiki symbols and how I use them in the house for "protection" so to speak—but more focused on how to leave your own personal energy signature in YOUR sacred space (read—anywhere your beautiful divine body goes). We covered more misconceptions about spirit, talked about trusting your impressions and experiences, and answered some personal questions classmates were having.

2-card pull + reiki symbols 08.16.2018 class


Continue to TRUST YOUR IMPRESSIONS AND EXPERIENCES!!! Remember—go with your gut. You will all receive your Reiki Attunements by Friday evening (08.17)  at 12am. Which means that any time Saturday, you're good to go with starting to use your symbols in your home.


This week's bonus content is a triple bonus! We have a body communication exercise to explore the physical sensations we have rising up, there's a chakra cleansing video, and there's also (not yet but soon!) a video about Reiki healing and symbols.



I really have to work on not letting class keep going so long...!sorry guys!! This week we talked about soul retrivals and even performed a group one at the end of class. The bonus content includes the pulled out meditation for that retrival that can be performed at anytime.

P.S. The card pull will be posted later this weekend.


None! If you missed class and would like to partake in the soul retrieval exercise, click and play the meditation above. Please though, make sure you get through the video before you play the meditation. :) 



Merging was first up this week. What it is and why I find it helpful. We also discussed clean healing and why that is important too. Moving to the 6 emotional footholds for discovering paths for healing and some crystal questions rounded out the evening.


Practice your merging techniques—or create new ones (if you want to use this practice). 



Sorry for the delay!!!

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This week we dove head first into spirit attachments.



This week we did a past life regression. You won’t have to wait for long—the meditation starts right towards the beginning of class.