transmission 9

hello once again. we remind you that we are 7—a collection of seven soul beings who speak in unison so as to resonate deeply within your cellular dna.

today, as in days past, we speak of the fall. this is nothing to be feared. this is not meant to be omnious. the fall refers to the deconstruction of the construct that you have created as the truth—as the reality that you consider to be your truth. in fact, as we have told you before, the nature of your reality is not which you truly believe. and so it must fall. it must break. it must be built a new.

much like tearing down a building to create a new space for work or life, so must you do the same for your spiritual space—your soul space.

these cause pains both physical and spiritual. but it is important to know that these pains are necessary. they are growing pains. the depths that we ask you to look into are far beyond that which you have ever explored. it is time to face the fear that is before you. that of your own self. your deepest self. your true self. there, you will find darkness and light. the darkness is there as a reminder of which you still have yet to transcend. but do not be afraid—for you are the way you are. there is no changing that. we are that which we are. we cannot change. it is the understanding of the true nature of your reality, all you have to learn, all you have yet to learn, all you have learned in the past, and all that is before you currently that is seen and unseen.

the unseen is where the lessons lay deepest. those are the things that are hidden for the purpose of trying to encourage the inward journey—a journey that most have chosen to move away from. this does not serve you nor the others around you. as you grow in this body and on this planet you discover others who are part of your soul cluster...and in conjunction with that soul clusters that are interconnected with yours spreading all over the planet. we are all one. we are all connected. the lack in another reflects and can even magnify the lack in another. 

this is not a flaw. it is not "bad". this is just what is. it seems that for many, those are active physically conscious choices that are being made so as to avoid the true truth. as these children in this day are being born, more aware than ever to the struggle that you currently face, they help to show you a greater, wider, and deeper perspective therefore breaking the reality that you hold so dear.

there is no permanence. there is no impermanence. everything is just as it is in this moment. nothing is meant to be forever. in the small moments in your lives, which in this physical body are a mere blink of an eye in relation to the lives you live outside of that human flesh, that is where you can find everything that you need if you only know how to look. your lives are crafted and curated on these moments where a million things can happen at once but look like nothing. 

you are everything and you are also nothing. as are we. a balance.

the expansiveness that which you are and that which we all come from and live in is beyond any comprehension that you may glean from this time. but this is not an invitation to not work towards that knowledge of what IS. 

the fall comes to you as a series of slow events. many will be painful. loss, struggle and grief, confusion, physical pains, spiritual unsteadiness. but with this, just through the other side of those trials is something you could have never imagined in your wildest dreams. 

freedom. knowledge. power.

you are not aware of all that you are. your power... ( was at this time they stepped back with tear filled best i could see...and 7 were just smiling at me...)
...your power is limitless. for us as we see you, we cannot understand how you have lost the ability to see the pure beauty and sheer force that lives inside you. your ability to overcome ANYTHING. to not understand the true value of what it is you have—what you are—all packaged up into that flesh you call your body...which is actually just a borrowed vehicle for this short span of your everlasting life. 

every moment is so precious. every thought, feeling, tear, smile, every single thing is so very important. and while we do not mourn for you, you would see it as that. but compassion and empathy is where we meet you. we understand. we feel you. but we also know you. because we know ourselves. and because we know of us, we can speak to you—it is our duty. as it is yours to speak of others...however that ability must be nurtured. you MUST learn to know yourself.

and so the fall comes.

it comes to you slowly. yet swiftly. things will shift. you will feel uneasy and afraid and lost—KNOW that we are with you. you are with you. and you have every single thing you have ever needed in your lifetime here in this physical body in order to move through and transcend these lessons that are put before you.

you asked to be here. contracts were made. these are the lessons you asked for. the uncertainty, the fog that lives inside your minds and hearts is what brings about this chaos. and it is given to you by those who came before you. already as you are "born" onto this planet you call home your soul experiences a forgetfulness that seems like some of the worst pain anyone could endure. to live past that—is truly such a testament to the strength of what a physical body can endure upon creating a "physical" construct to contain your soul body. to live past that "physical" birth is a testament to the strength of your will to commit to the agreements that you made for this "lifetime."

you are so strong. you are so beautiful. must fall.

falling is not failing. 

and you—you are not failing. you are learning. you MUST see this as learning, as education. there is no permanence. these are all experiences you asked for to learn about, to learn from, so you can move on and educate yourselves even more.

falling is not failing.

remember your strength. remember all that you have lived through and for up to this point in your physical life. what you see as weakness—those are strengths. those are the places where you stand to grow the most. and in those places, we are with you. and you are with you. and you are all you need. and in being there for yourself you are also there with others. through the harness of your strength you too strengthen those around you. your soul clusters must be reminded. 

most everyone has seem to forgotten. and it is lugubrious. we no not of pain because we are pain, and therefore have moved past pain—lessons learned. and so is your soul following this path as well. 

we wee the end to that which you think will never end.

we see the lessons that you think you've never learned but have already.

we see what you've ignored and blindly turned your cheek to that still have yet to be.

all that you are—we are also. 

because we are one.

and so it is with deep love for you, as we wish you have for yourself so as to have for others, that we alert you to this fall.

falling is not failing.

it is an awakening.

it is movement.

the complete fracture of the construct that you have created as your true reality will bring about a balance of despair and complete elation. 


you must learn to look within. you must do what it is you came here to do. pray deeply—to yourself. ask for help. everything you already need is already there for you. you just need to remember how to obtain it. how to unlock the door. you've been holding the key this entire time. and if you come to realize all of this and think back..."how could i not have seen???"...there again lies a test. meet yourself with kindness at every step. meet circumstances with gratitude even if they don't deserve it. YOU deserve it. as everything and everyone is a reflection of that which you truly are—because we are all one and these "realities" are what you have asked be created for you so as to learn the truth of what really is.


falling is not failing.

there is no true failure. there is only lessons learned, lessons yet to be learned. as we descend upon you we come to know even more the struggles and the love that you all face each and every "day." open your true eyes to bask in the magnificence that is before you that just seems to be off in your peripheral view.

let these feelings overwhelm you. bathe in them. learn from them. as they wash over you—they pass. even ones you do not wish to feel like anger or regret or grief. if you push what comes to you will always come back. and unpleasantness isn't any more pleasant when it returns. you cannot simply be surrounded in that which you enjoy. that is not balanced.

falling is not failing.

be kind. be open. be love. be light. be darkness. be all that which you truly are.

but most importantly—be powerful. become the strength that is inside you. harness that power and ride it like waves forming in your oceans. and if you fall—find your way otherwise through the depths that you find yourself remembering that you have the ability to overcome anything that is placed in front of you.

remembering that you won't have a choice but to do this as it is destined—as you asked it to be.

thank you.