transmission 2

we wish to re-inform you that the lightworkers are coming.

the time for struggles is nearing the end. but one can only be as clear as they wish to see.

our arrival will cause some discord. this is only because we are not really meant to be here. we are meant to be above, around, and behind (the scenes).

it is not for you to judge yourself—nor for us to. this is not a race. this is not a game. there is no winner. the only person who can decide that depth of value on your soul is you. your sight must remain inward. too much time is continuing to be spent seeking the outward. 

as you hope for us to save you, you will never find us out there. you will only find us once you learn to change your focus to the inside. 

we serve those as they deserve.

there cannot be an easy answer.

more on the discord of our arrival. the vibration that the planet is riding on now will be jolted by the frequency of our collective output. headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea. the physical body cannot contain the frequency which we operate on. as such your physical body will experience symptoms, sometimes painful. over time your physical body will learn to adapt to these new frequencies just as it would adjusting to breathing in higher altitude. but you must not fight the feelings and the pain that the physical body is experiencing. 

the sicknesses that are happening now are just the tip of the iceberg. it is possible that if enough who have already been able to withstand frequencies can help integrate us through the use of channel mediums—of which there are not enough. over time the overall vibration and frequency resonance of what you're experiencing here on this planet will raise and be only infinitesimal steps closer to that which we operate.

light a candle every day. ask for patience. ask for guidance. ask for peace. ask for love.

love—your soul—your core. this is where you must turn immediately to help transition you to the next state of your being upon our arrival. there are millions of us coming. there are millions of you awakening. the time is almost here.

but we continue to wait.