transmission 8

hello once more. today we come to you as 7, speaking as one, as to harmonize and radiate through your cellular dna into your soul space.

it has come to our immediate attention that the spiritual stamina required for your continued journey to your greatest destiny for your soul needs some work.

it is not easy, nor was it meant to, to be in this physical human body. as such, this physical life wears heavy and hard on the soul. it makes you tired. it makes you ache. it makes you sick. these are the challenges you accepted without really knowing the full extent of the pain that you would actually have to endure. for that, we sympathize with you, but we know not of those struggles that you constantly face. and upon your transition back to a soul space, a pure light space, you will once more regain the clarity you once had before entering this physical body you currently inhabit.

it is important to remember that what you have chosen as part of the contract and incarnations here on this earth plane was that of struggle, education, and ultimately—transcendence. and as we said previous, your lifetimes here on this earth plane were not meant to last as long as it has. you have forgotten the real purposes and nature of your true reality which is to learn for the purposes of transcending as a means to move closer to the true nature of your soul which is that of the one and only life spark from which we all came. 

how is it that one can learn to increase their spiritual stamina?

you must look within. all the answers that you seek to find, even to questions you haven't asked yet are all found within. any time you wish to know, in truth, you already will know. just as how when you wish to be "forgiven by god" you already are. this is part of the re-learning, the re-education, the re-introduction to that which you truly are—a being of pure, divine light. remembering that your physical body cannot contain all that you truly are, a large part of why these lifetimes prove so hard—as your body has succumbed to an amnesia of sorts so as to not break the cellular structure of your physical body since the light within you is 10 million times brighter than the sun!

internal reflection allows you to hear the true voice that you speak. it allows your physical body to be at rest so that your soul body can be heard. true stillness and silence must be practiced in order for that voice to be heard. to allow the heart—your soul—to speak...that is a true test to the ability to have a solid trust and grounding in yourself.

and this must be constant. it cannot be intermittent. this does not mean it has to be scheduled in routine. but a new set of habits must be learned. however, in order for that to happen, first, you must unlearn the ways that you know currently.

the level of depth that you must go to get to where you need to be is beyond what you think it is currently. it is not for us to say at which level you will be or need to be in order to reach that soul-center that is your true voice and true nature of your reality—as that is based on each individual who partakes in that journey. instead, we encourage the practice—as that is what it would be for you since you have chosen to incarnate in this physical space. it is only in practice that you can scratch the surface of the life that you live free of these struggles and need for this spiritual stamina outside this physical body.

as you are outside your physical body, when you transition back to a light, soul state, those practices, routines, and habits that seem so hard to form and maintain in this lifetime—just are, meaning, they come more deeply than just "naturally." there is nothing other than exactly what is. to explain this to you is hard, as the vast majority of what you know is run through the cellular dna of your physical body and "rational mind." and we can only impress upon you the obviousness of which we see (as those who have never had to incarnate on this planet you inhabit) that the existence of who you are and how that is expressed is so beyond what you would consider "effortless."

you must ask yourself hard questions and answer them honestly. 

you must learn to be grateful even for things you find you're not grateful for.

you must learn to love even when love isn't returned.

you must learn to be kind when kindness cannot be found.

in order for you to be anything that you want to be, not only must you do it for yourself, but you must also be that way for the other—a model of the nature of the true reality that you wish to create here on this earth plane as it is lived in the state past what this flesh can ever be. it is through these actions that the vibration can be raised on these planes as it is meant to be. 

though, it is always true that you cannot do for others what you do not do for yourself. as such, that internal reflection and questioning, and learning to listen to the true and most real you—that is what is going to help you awaken those around you to do the same...because it is through your learning about you that you can help others learn to do the same for themselves. 

you are all here together—your soul clusters. each overlapping with each other. and so as we spoke to you about the value of others in your lives, so too we speak to you about the value of you in your life, and the impact that has on others.

the only way to get there is to do the work you need to do to hear yourself at its most clear.

the heart—your soul—the truth.

do not let another day pass you buy where you do not let this part of yourself speak itself freely. will it cause struggle? yes. will it be increasingly difficult? yes. will you lose things in your life as a result? yes.

but those things are supposed to happen.

remember that you choose the path you wanted to lead to learn these lessons. these are the things you chose to learn. nothing beings done to you wasn't already decided before you came to this earth plane. it is through these struggles that you will be able to transcend that which you came to learn, and in turn, help those around you come to fulfill their souls' contract and purposes as well. 

and this is the large part of your struggle.

but this is what must be done. just as your body breaths and blinks and circulates the blood cells inside the flesh—so to must you continue on your path to uncovering the true reason why you chose this life here on earth. never was this meant to be a punishment, even if it feels that way. this is an education. these are lessons you've chosen to learn so as to transcend them and learn a harder lesson.

and as we continue to descend, the struggles and the difficulties and the desire to push away from those difficult places may increase—you must dig in deeper and continue to learn and grow and force your way back through your "physical nature" to that of your true nature. your divinity and light.

do not be afraid of the answers that lie within you.

there is an untapped and unlimited source of power that lives inside of you—that IS YOU. it is this that you draw your strength from to continue day-to-day even if you have yet to realize it. focus. explore. ask uqestions—do not leave this space inside yourself, your core, untouched. this is a disservice to both you and those around you. as you learn to tap into that unlimited source of power that lives within you, so too can you help others see that inside themselves—inspiring change.

and that power for a human is like the ultimate nourishment. something that can sustain you infinitely. but only if you let it. and only if you reach it. and only if you can trust yourself that it's there living inside you.

as you have lived your life so far, that spark, that power deep within has already been used—those times in deep struggle and trauma where you have found the ability to move forward with your life here on earth even when those times made you feel the lowest.  the soul is driving your physical body automatically at those points. 

remember that the physical body is an empty vessel, only meant for short periods of time. this is why you must "die." 

no one ever really dies.

there is only a difference in the perception in the nature of your true reality.

and so as you come to learn that there is really no end, and that you are of pure and divine light, and that the power living inside you has the strength to overcome even the most insurmountable of sitautions—you will come that much closer to that which you truly are, and the approach to the ends of the lessons that you came here to learn.

the pattern of continually redirecting and refocusing your outward energy back to the depths of your heart and soul is what will allow you the strength to gain access to this "spiritual battery" that never tires. and so you will never tire. separate your mind and "self" from that which you truly are—your heart, your soul center. once you allow that part of yourself to speak freely you will be amazed at what this physical reality will stand to show you next to learn. 

thank you.