transmission 7

hello once again—we come to you as one—7 light beings who speak in unison as to resonate through your mind and cellular dna.

today we bring to you the value of those who are around you. 

as you chose to incarnate on this earth plane, you chose all who would surround you—your soul clusters. and it is from this that you live with these souls in your physical lifetime here on the earth plane. each and every one of these souls in these overlapping clusters serves both a purpose to you in your physical life journey here—and so do you serve a purpose for that person in their own physical life journey.

as hard as it can be to move to a place of acceptance and understanding, each person (as well as each circumstance) is put before you as a means for your encouraged and continued growth as a means to transcend the life lessons you chose to learn this physical lifetime. 

even those from a range of mild dislike to absolutely despising are meant to be here, they serve a purpose—placed before you as a way to learn. everything is meant to teach you something, if only to reflect inward and ask yourself questions, "why does this bother me?" or "what does this person have to teach me about how i'd like to respond or interact with others?" or "in what ways can i choose to show and respond to this person with the love that i know i have in my heart?" 

how can you take the love you have inside yourself and encourage that same love for someone you do not resonate with?

so much of your time here on this physical plane is spent in conflict. it is not unnecessary (as it is purposeful to learn from), however it is tiring for you and somber for us. remember that you are not a physical being—you are a spiritual soul light being having a physical experience. as such, you are not meant to remember or know all the knowledge, lessons, and more that your soul innately holds inside. that would make this physical life near-unbearable and  "boring". this is the vast majority of why this physical life seems so endless and difficult.

and it is through these daily interactions that you must learn to find within yourself the strength to proceed through the next day in a way that will bring the most of your light through to your life here as you choose to see it. remembering the nature of your reality and how you choose to proceed is simply a matter of shifting your perspective to that of a wider gaze and incorporate more of what you are not seeing into any given situation as to expand your consciousness and knowledge of any given situation and person—therefore bringing more peace, love, and harmony both to those who seek to upset you and those who choose to reciprocate those higher vibrations. 

and so it is through that reciprocation that you too must learn that at any time you are feeling or experiencing feelings that are not of the highest nature—it is through those experiences that you are being presented that you must find the way to transcend those emotions to a higher vibration. again, as we continue to encourage you, that is the reason that you have chosen to express your soul in this physical body. 

as you see what angers you in another, or saddens you in another—look to find ways that you do this to others. though this seems silly or unfair to some it is the most perfect way to learn to relate to those around you. by moving yourself into the actions and emotions of another by relating them to those which you experience, you are more closely able to proceed from a place of love. and that is not aligning yourself with "negativity," it is re-teaching you the value and importance of companionship, friendship, and the one-ness with which we all truly are.

it is that relation that will help draw you and your soul cluster and those clusters around you closer together as you learn to move through life with compassion for others that are "not like you."

too often is the unconscious intention to divide by seeing difference. this reality is a lie. in all honest truth—you are that of another—as we are all one born from the first true life spark. how can we be separate if we came from one? how is it that we are all separate if our souls' expansions overlap?

the answer is simply we are one—there is no difference or distance.

this is not to say that everyone you encounter is now to be a trusted friend. each soul cluster is made of those who are your soulmates—not just lovers, but friends, teachers, guides, and trusted soul individuals with whom you resonate at a similar if not same frequency—harmonizing perfectly. but out of respect for our unity together as light beings it is your duty to see and acknowledge that as we are all one and you all here on the earth plane chose to incarnate and move together through the shared physical expression that it is necessary to learn to raise the vibration of the planet to that which we, and you upon your separation fro the earth plane back to the life of a true soul light being, operate on here in the stars.

and those who are "not like you" (as united beings we are all still individuals) are there for you to learn from. this shift in perspective for others will bring you peace and heal the hearts of you and those around you. modeling and encouraging that fiercely compassionate behavior is the necessary tender approach to learning to, again, live together as the one. 

that collective yearning to grow, to love, to encourage another by doing that for yourself—even when there is adversity—is a true test.

as each of us has come from the one true first life spark—so are we all both light beings whom have never incarnated and you who have chosen a physical life on the earth plane—all fit back together...uncountable numbers of pieces of a puzzle. without all the pieces to your puzzle it will forever remain incomplete. and so it is in the best interest of all beings: soul, physical, light, those in your ordinary reality, and those outside your ordinary reality, to learn to see each other for just as they are—lessons and reflections for each (and for each other) as a means to learn and transcend as a means of continuing up the path towards true love and the highest vibrational frequencies as we all move to be together once more in the light.