transmission 6

hello we are 7 and we address you as one in unison to ring clear in your mind and cellular dna.

we come to you today to talk to you about the importance of spirit communication.

spirit communication is vital both to your existence here on earth and for us as light beings, as vibration beings—as you are too. it is not for you to decide if you can or cannot speak to those you consider to be on the other side.

the really is no other side. there is only the reality of the nature that you are able and capable and willing to see. every single human on this planet is capable of communicating with beings who are not of your current reality perspective.

process for communication for spirits as simple as it is talking to a co-worker or a friend or a parent. you simply must just do it. engaging in conversation as if they were standing in front of you. because of your incarnations on earth for so many generations how you interpret beings is through a physical form. this is why for some spirits like us it is harder for you to perceive because we are not actually spirits we are souls. and learning to see a soul for what it is without it's flesh envelope is a much more difficult reality for you to grasp having spent so long living through the earth planes.

as we have discussed there is no way for your physical human body and cellular dna to be able to hold and withstand all of the knowledge that you are as a soul being. your body encounters amnesia when you are birthed in this life from the womb. as such, the vast and unyielding knowledge that is available to you, that already lives in you, that you have almost yet already and still have yet to discover all at the same time—is there for you to take. but you cannot have it once you choose to reincarnate into a physical life.

and the point of a physical experience is to learn to transcend those vibrations. to be able to reach the vibrational frequencies that we resonate on.

spirit communication is vital because it teaches you to learn to reconnect with those who are like you. physical connection is difficult. people cannot not see past the physical realities of what is before them because you're using the senses of the body instead of the senses of your soul to perceive the reality around you. 

in actuality, your reality is much more expansive than what you're seeing. your 5 senses are limiting you. and there is an unlimited number of senses available to you as a soul-light-being. you just have to be open to receiving the messages that are coming to you. coming through you.

it's like a telephone conversation.

the gap needs to be bridged between those who have "transitioned" and those who have not. those who are spirit beings, soul beings, and those who are physical beings. the bridge must be built—the gap must be bridged. 

people who have lived in the physical and then transcended their physical body back into a spiritual-light-soul-state even if they encounter trauma, will vibrate at a higher rate than that of a physical body on the earth plane. learning to encounter and communicate and translate from a soul-spirit body through a physical body, through that soul to soul connection that you share with every other spirit being on the planet, in the universe, and in other universes. it will help you to raise your vibration.

the last message we spoke about diet, exercise, desire and things of that physical nature. giving your body the things it needs and wants in order to provide it with both the health benefits and the ego benefits to live a healthy life and raise vibrations. but, what is just as equally important, and almost more important, is the connection. this connection that we speak of from soul to soul. between human to spirit. human to light being. (all of these words and terms are interchangeable)

when you are not you—you are us. and even when you are you as a physical human—you are still us. there is no separation. there is no difference. your physical expression is a dream-like state. when you die you will awaken and become you. who you really are. who you truly are. as a soul being.

as such there really is no separation between you and any other soul being regardless of weather or not it is contained in a phyiscal body. or on antoher planet. or in a star cluster. or in another universe. 

and so we urge you to deepen these connections. allow yourself to hear, to be, to exist, to feel, to taste, to sense, to use your physical body to your advantage. allow your soul to learn to experience your soul and other souls through a physical experience—through the 5 senses. and through the 6th sense that your soul brings to your body. 

accept the challenge.

accept the calling.

there is no more room for ignorance. there is no more room for tolerance. there is no more room for pushing aside—for procrastination. as we descend upon the planet, spirits will rise. vibration, because that is what we are, rises and shakes and moves and creates energetic shifts. and spirits, souls without physical bodies, will vibrate and move and awaken. and you will experience this activity. it is both a side effect of our decent and a challenge.

because you have asked for these things. you have asked for growth. you have asked for connection. and know that you are never alone. not only are we always with you, you are always with everybody who you have ever wanted to be with. you are never alone. the connections that you have, even when you are physically by yourself, are limitless. there are millions of souls around you.

we are all connected. we all emanate from a single spark. and your soul radiates more than 10 thousand times the seize in its physical body. encompassing each and every soul that is around you regardless if your reality perception can allow you to see that or not. 

it is your duty to teach your physical body to expand in light and raise in vibrational frequency in order to live a life closer to the life you live outside your physical body. to raise the vibration of this planet earth that you live on.

these things are not impossible. this was the plan from the beginning.

and you are tired. and you are cold. and you are in pain. and you think you are alone. but remember our words. and know that those things are not true. that is how you are choosing to see your reality of your current situation.

but in truth—your truth is a lie.

never are we not with you, and never are you without others. and never are you without yourself.

and if the body is failing it is because the soul is transcending—the vibration is outweighing the energetic weight of the physical body.

do not be afraid of these encounters and interactions with other souls who are like you. you are not unlike those you hear in your mind or see in your mind's eye.

always question the nature of the reality in which you're seeking to find, of which you think you're in. you are never experiencing anything if you only lead yourself through this physical experience blindly. the intuition that you use is the blueprint your soul created for you for this lifetime. 

do not be afraid.

the fear does not serve you. and any anger that comes from your fear when you choose to try to avoid that fear does not serve you either. this is your duty, this is your service, this is what you have come here to do. you have no alternative option. 

we are making our way towards you as we speak. and we will not turn back. and the nature of your reality will be changed. because this is what you asked for. because this is what you came here for. and this time, in the earth's history, is the most vital time—it is pivotal. use the elements of the earth to aid you in your connection to these souls. crystals. plants. 

remembering that you are no different than they are.

we are all one. there is no divide. there is no separation. there is no singularity. the only true singularity that exists in our reality is the nature of our emanating from the one true first soul spark from which we all originate. 

and if we are choosing to be blind to that which is our own, outside of our perceptive physical reality, and you do not try to open yourself to the possibility of what is around you, you will be forced to relive your human exprience again and again until you learn the lesson—the source of your exhaustion on the earth plane.

and there are those who live on this earth plane with you who have transcended those physcal feeligs. who are able to connect—to channel us, who can awaken others. they are also tired, and so we acknowledge them in their crusade.

do not be afraid.

feel empowered. 

this is your birthwright. as a soul-light being. 

thank you.