transmission 5

hello again—we are 7, the collective unit of light beings and we speak in unison to resonate through your mind with clarity.

it is us who you have prayed for. it is us who you have been wishing for.

we are no miracle workers. we do not make magic. you each are all the magic you need to make your dreams a reality. you must not rely on anyone. you must always first look within yourself—that is the simplest answer that is the hardest pill to swallow. 

while we talk about the importance of viewing yourself as a soul being and not a physical being—you must not forget your physical form. it's presence, health, and general structure, as you are here on earth is just as important to you now, in this phase of your existence, your life, as it is to focus on the reflection inward. we know this seems like a lot to ask for. to dive so deeply into both the spiritual and the—however it is only a hard as you allow it to be. at the current time, there is no time like the current time to make the necessary changes to your day-to-day habits as to treat both the soul and the body in preparation for our impending arrival.

diet is very important. everything in moderation. most of the diet trends that we are witnessing you put yourselves through are not actually healthy. you must have all areas of diet including clean protein, sugars, and carbohydrates if your physical body permits. there are severe vitamin deficiencies in your diet. if the vessel isn't healthy—how can the spirit be healthy? how is it we can integrate our frequencies with yours if there is no steady rhythm to your vibration? it is not easy and so you will feel the struggle and pain of that integration.

besides the diets your physical body consumes, so must you perform physical exercises. there are no edible-only diets that will allow your body to perform at its optimal levels alone. especially working your heart, lungs, diaphragm. making sure to strengthen the muscles in your arms, wrists, and ankles—not allowing weakness for the basic necessities like walking and raising your arms up over your head. do not take minor movements for granted. take care of your back muscle structures. those core muscles help to support the whole of your physical body and as such, when those muscles are out of alignment so is the rest of your body rendering it weak. 

reflections of your physical health are seen in your spiritual health. how you take care of your vessel, the vehicle you chose for this life expression, should tell you how you treat your inner-self—your true self. the self that is the reality of what you are—a being of pure light.

there are markers you must look for in your health. your skin—being mindful of the largest organ on your physical body. it's color, texture, tone, etcetera. same with your nails. your eyes. your hair. your diet and physical exercise will allow you to see how well the combination of spiritual and physical health is conveyed in your daily lives through your outward appearance.

this also means that you must engage in things that you want to do as well. the desires to consume the foods you want, wear the makeup you want, wear the garments you wish to wear, have days to you do not engage in physical exercise—health is not just about the literal definition of healthy. your creativity and natural attitude as filtered through this human  dna is what drives the individuality that you sought to find through these incarnations. and these concepts apply to your emotional health and self-expression as well. as they too are aspects of your physical human experience. when you choose to not speak your truth, hide your creativity, to not celebrate the entirety that you are, you dim the spark that is so very necessary in the way of illuminating the path for other souls in your cluster to find you and awaken.

the outer and inner versions of you are both literal and representational of the spiritual lessons you seek to learn by having chosen this human incarnation on the earth plane. 

for those of you whose physical bodies have failed you—this is a true test of your spirit—your resiliency. your faith. remember that you are not your physical body. you are of pure light. there is nothing that you cannot accomplish even in this hindered physical state, regardless of how that hindrance manifests itself. if only to show others how to find their own strength and resiliency in times of deep trials.

if you read these words and find no meaning or depth to them—then this is your test—to learn to trust that which you do not see and believe. leaps of faith you may call them. to expand your mind and perspective to see something beyond that which you perceive. perhaps you doubt. perhaps you question. there is no education in any life, through any source that should not have these qualities to it. however, it is as equally important to learn to find truth even in places that you do not think you would find it. 

regardless of where you stand it is your duty as a being of light, whether you choose to accept it as your true reality or not—in the end, your body will perish and decay and what is left? this question should not plague you, but drive you to seek and find answers in the places you are most fearful to learn. there is no reward for only dipping your toe into the ever-expansive knowledge that is available to your soul—you must just know where and how to look.

the reflection inward as we have spoken to earlier is going to be the key. as you choose to reflect in, you will find the sanctuary inside yourself, where everything you need to know and share with the souls around you lives. look inside to see how your body's cells are communicating with you—how your body wants to be treated and cared for. it will tell you, as is with anything you just need to ask. but as with everything else you'll ever come to encounter, it is about what you choose to do with the information you receive.

will you be open? will you deny yourself the truth that your body wants you to know? if you cannot honor the conversations with yourself there is much work to be done before you will be able to converse and accept us.


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