transmission 4.5

hello again—we 7 collected into one to reign our voices in unison in your mind and cells, come to you once more to remind you of the messages that we bring to you specifically. 

each human body who chooses to listen and open their frequency channels to ours as so we can communicate each get a different piece of your larger puzzle. the topics that each channel will receive are different in theme—but just as strong in tone. we choose to align ourselves with the limitless yet still growing lexicons of your individual channels to seemingly divulge the secrets that you already know to be true. 

one person cannot reach the many. but the many, together, can change the world. that is why we impress upon each channel who chooses to accept the call to use the direction of their soul's purpose to ignite change and empowerment for others who follow them both as part of their individual soul groups and those soul groups who live in tandem—a network of light beings, soul families and clusters, who all have commonalities and can then connect the pieces from individual channels into the larger reality of what truly is.

this is why sharing these messages to all who can hear is key to helping arrange, align, and raise the vibrational frequencies of the planet as we descend upon it. activation of your soul memory through spreading the messages our channels bring through will allow for a smoother transition both for you as you learn and us as we come down to you. read these messages out loud and allow the souls near to you to hear them—thus activating them—awakening them to the reality that is before you. your truth, though it may not be shared by another, can be recognized by honesty and power through speech and that speech can help activate the physical body of another—allowing those vocal vibrations to be heard in resonance through the physical body into the soul.