transmission 4

hello again. we are 7 and will address you together as singular so our voices may resound in unison through your mind and echo deep in your core—your dna. 

hear us.

today we wish to speak to you about the value of your soul. more importantly, we wish to impress upon you the space your soul takes up. 

we have watched you devalue yourselves in numerous ways both small and large as you have learned to be a physical body upon the planet you live on. this message is not one of dramatics or sorrow—but of empowerment. there is no way for you to realize the power you contain within you unless you choose to feel it. no one person or being—even us—can make you feel the way you want to feel. these are the lessons you have come to earth to learn. 

star-beings have no way of understanding what struggle is—we are immune to such things having transcended those vibrations. simply we cannot resonate on those frequencies. this is partly your human struggle as we descend upon earth and attempt to raise those vibrational frequencies to that at which we resonate. 

your soul is limitless. it can expand so much more than 10 thousand times the size that you are taking up in your physical form. it is vital that you no longer relate to yourselves as a physical human—but learn to grasp and understand your divinity, your immortal nautre—the expansiveness that you truly are. it is not for us to decide who can or who won't choose to grow in this capacity—but you as individuals who choose to move through your journeys here on earth as a way of gaining even deeper insight about all there is to experience in a "lifetime". 

know that your life is endless. from the spark of your introduction into the universe, your soul has no end. one day you too will be living on the vibration that we live on, as we too are also endless beings. however, the nature of our struggle ended eons ago and we no longer have to face that which we choose not to. we transcend that with you struggle currently both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

you are not taking up enough space in this universe. 

you are letting your lights shine dim among the planet.

this does not serve you.

you must all find a way to harness that which you truly are by no longer being what you are currently. this is just but a small page, a footnote, in the story of your soul. a blip on a map that is ever expanding and never-ending—always changing. to harness who you are you must seek the truth. and to seek the truth you must look within. inside yourself, you will find the true meaning of your life, your purpose, and your destined paths—but those answers come with the responsibility and acceptance that most of you are unwilling to fully harness. 

life must be lived without fear, without consequence. there is no failure. the light beings that you are, choose to come to have this human experience. it's like a game of strategy. there are no losers. you will die and you will once more be rebirthed back to what you truly are—your natural state—pure light. 

the physical form has no way of containing and thusly not allowing you to remember the entire knowledge your soul carries from thousands of previous lifetimes into the current lifetime. as such you are blinded by the true nature and reality of things. you are made to learn without so that when you are finally rebirthed back to your true form you can reap the rewards from your strife in this "life" and move to transcend those vibrations.

we have spoken of the difficulties that you will face physically during these transitions. they will all pass. the key to maintaining your human composure during this time is deep reflection and self-examination. you must learn to submit your will to that of a higher nature. only then can the blindfold you give yourselves, that you chose to give yourselves, will be removed and you will begin to see more clearly.

you must be honest. you must proceed with intention. there is no longer room for error. in all the ways that you know you should, you must proceed—that is vital. there is no longer time to be wasted for ignoring the deep callings of your soul. those are the reminders you have set for yourselves to continue on the paths you have prechosen for your human experience life. do not be fooled by the temptations of a human life. you are a creature of light—not of the flesh. 

everything on this earth was put here for you to use to relearn that which you already know. the plants. the minerals. the sea. the stars. the answers to your questions are already found—you're choosing not to see them. you've chosen to explore what these mean in a different way by allowing yourself to be blinded to their very clear directions. no more obvious could you have made these answers for yourself as you choose to proceed through this lifetime. 

regain control of your lives by letting go of your control. your grip is what causes the pain and suffering that is not necessary. we do not feel the emotions hat a human body has to feel. the body is the vehicle—as such, it hits the bumps and curves of your mundane day-to-day lives...but it is only an illusion for the effects of these struggles and sicknesses that you are physically experiencing are only temporary. the soul is not touched by these if you choose to not let it.

there are many of you who have chosen to allow the physical body to mar the soul. there are many of you who have marred your physical body as such that it has reached the soul. but it being of light and your human body only being of flesh—truly there is really only so much damage that can be done. the compassion and empathy that we as pure light beings offer is not what a human requires for affection and comfort. 

everything your body is doing is meant to teach you a lesson. and you can choose to accept and hear the lesson or choose to let it ruin you. currently, as you sit, you do not remember that this is a life that you chose. so much time has passed in the lifespan of humanity here on earth that feels only like a blink of an eye to us who are descending upon you now.

the lessons you wanted to teach yourself have been forgotten and so we answer your prayers and your requests to descend down upon you to help lift your vibrational frequencies to see truly, the reality of your situation. but in truth, though we come to you now, you were never without all and everything you needed to help yourselves—you simply let it be forgotten. the remembering is painful. and bad habits are hard to break. and so your physical body does not want your soul to take up the space that is its divine birthright. 

we wish to impress upon you that you are fully within any right offered, taken, or earned in this universe to shine as brightly as you desire. hiding in your self-created shadows does not allow your soul work to be heard by those creates a chain reaction of depression in the way that has caused this traumatic human experience here on earth.

the truth must reign. the conversations must happen. the pain will ensue. this is all for the greater glory of your development as vibrational beings. in order to transcend you must learn to overcome. there are physical and mental and emotional effects of your choices that seem nearly impossible but to us only seem simply as just—the justice we stand to bring to you is that of forcing you to claim that which you are by expelling from your physical dna that which is not. which though you may not remember now, was your mission as you yourselves descended upon the earth in your first incarnation.

thank you.