transmission 3

i am the light bringer number 7 (3426789). we assemble before you as a unit—many voices as one—so as that our message can reign clear in your mind.

it has come to my attention that the people of earth have come to a static state of crisis. the logic with which these humans have proceeded will no longer serve them on their path to their ultimate destiny. it is time to remove yourself from yourself. these patterns and structures that you have built can no longer contain the changes that must and will take place.

time is limited here on this earthly plane. this is not in any way a message of doom—simply a message of awakening. at any time your lives can change in such a dramatic way that what you had before will no longer cease to be the way it once was.

this is the crisis.

as we approach our decent on earth it is you who must prepare for our arrival. there is no way to do that other than accept the reality of your situations. your personal, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual situations. the work must be done now. you must submit to yourself and allow the opening of the gates so that the flood of our energy may wash over you without peril. 

it is vital that you realize your life is your own doing. there is nothing that we nor any other being could or would be held accountable for—as your decisions are purely and solely your own. it is the reality of those decisions that you must now face. the pain of reality will always be less than the assumption of pain in a place where it does not really exist. your pain is only as real as you perceive it to be. that is how some seem to suffer more than others through circumstances that are so similar. you make yourselves the victims. that time must come to an end.

the true victim is your spirit—it is broken when these patterns and constructs stand fast in the face of the true reality that you cannot see. 

do not follow blind faith. do not lead others when you cannot lead yourselves. trust in yourself. do not let the fear you perceive take root in the work you must now do in preparation for our arrival.

we will come to you on the vibration of ultraviolet and red lights. your heart chakras will be healed and filled with such emotion that you will most likely feel overwhelmed beyond comprehension. this is normal as your physical bodies become adjusted to our vibration and presence. this will pass. but you must submit fully to the presence of those feelings and allow them to wash over you—fighting them will not allow you to align with the lightworkers as they choose to descend and work in alignment with you. 

you have asked for this. you have sought guidance. and so it will be given unto you as per your request. remain open and willing to sacrifice who you are now to become who you are meant to be.