My hope is that this deck helps you to:

Recall and be grateful for things throughout your life.

Create self-care rituals.

Reflect on your boundaries and how they affect both you and those you interact with.

Give yourself the space to explore the unconscious motives behind your actions.

Examine both the light and shadow sides of yourself.

Sort and organize your life without judgment.

Allow your heart to speak instead of your mind.

Learn to be gentle and tender with yourself during reflections + examinations of difficult prompts.

This deck wanted to be made...

It is inspired and downloaded directly from Spirit—meant to function like an oracle deck + a spiritual therapist at the same time!

From the moment the thought came shooting into my mind, it only took me 4 hours to come up with 300 prompts, 4 card themes, and imagery + color scheme—and I sent it to the printer the next morning for my first draft. Through a couple versions, the deck has been shrunk down to 130 cards and a much smaller physical and portable size. 

I lovingly call this deck "therapy in a box" because it is inspired by my own soul's journey and development which has been supported by all of the guidance and direction I've received from my healers, shamans, mediums, spiritual counselors, and my personal guides, teachers, and angels too. 

This deck is meant to do more than just guide you in reflection and gratitude of what you have—but it's crafted in a way to help you ask yourself hard questions, gently, and encourage you to challenge the way you think about self-care.

This provides a private space to build trust with yourself and claim + integrate the shadows you meet. Nothing I ask you to think about or do isn't something that I haven't already done—so I know that with hard work and a little tenderness you can make it through the entire deck. And while each card isn't unicorns and rainbows...all the cards are things I have been asked or have asked myself as a way to help me dive into the scary or dark places I may be too afraid to share out loud. 

The function of this deck isn't like most of the others I've seen (which is why I felt it was so important to "birth" this deck into the world). These cards are meant to really drive you to take back control of your power, to learn to express yourself and your emotions, and explore the parts of you that may need a bit more Light.


Just like any other deck! Soul Journey is modeled after some of my favorite oracle decks and you'll come to find that just as those oracle decks can help guide your meditations + personal time with an intuitive spirit, Soul Journey will also work with you to help guide your reflections to where the need to be.

Make sure to give the deck a good and proper shuffle!! 

As you shuffle, take deep breaths, and ask the Universe to offer to you what you need in the present time.

There aren't any spreads to learn  or multi-card draws. This deck is meant to be used with a single-card pull—that is unless you're on the 31-Day Challenge!


The call is arising in our world to awaken and look within.

It’s hard to allow ourselves space in our daily lives for these deep reflections, especially if they require rigid time commitments and rules we don't align with.

The deck you hold here is all about your journey—what you
need right now. No matter what card is pulled, you will get answers, raise questions, or learn something new about you.

Not all the cards are ones you may want to answer when you pull—and that's completely okay! You are in control. Put it back and draw another—maybe that card will feel right to answer + reflect on a different day.

All these cards, even the ones you think won't or don't matter to you with where you're at right now, are all little baby steps on your soul's path. Don't discount the value of rounding out the knowledge you stand to learn and how much that can help you on your journey.


I can only speak to what I know and the things I've experienced. Also, I'm not going to lie, some of these cards can be pretty heavy. Because not everything in life is pleasant—and that's perfectly okay! It's in the dark parts that we can learn just how strong we've been and continue to grow. For me, my darkness has always shown me how bright my light is.

This is what makes my deck different from others out there—that self-guided, tender, and empowering exploration of the many facets of our being. In all I've done my biggest lesson was that to get to where I need to go I have to sometimes dive right into the uncomfy bits. But with that, I get through unpleasantness much faster. PLUS I find that 9.5 times out of 10, what I was thinking was going to be so terrible really wasn't that bad. It was the fear I had of whatever I had built up in my mind.  Rip the band-aid off!!

Soul Journey lets you go at your own pace. You don't have to do one-a-day—but you can. While it's important to reflect and heal, it's equally important not to dwell in the shadows and heavy bits—find a balance. It also encourages you to find the answers to your questions with the person who can answer them best—YOU. The deck is meant to help you learn to see your own power and take some of it back from situations it may have been lost. The best kind of healing I experienced, was learning that I was in complete control of my life (which isn't always the best feeling...) BUT that meant that I had the ability to make the changes I needed to get to where I wanted to go. Your life is about you, your reactions, your lessons—no one else's.


If you have any questions, need support or ANYTHING...please know that I AM HERE FOR YOU. 
You DO NOT have to go at this alone.
Send me an email:

Self-reflection is touted as the ultimate means to discovering your soul path, your true desires, and the way forward, but you don’t always know what you’re supposed to reflect on and what questions you’re supposed to ask. Yes, listening to your own intuition is the ultimate, but there are times when even that is cloudy. Nancy’s deck is a way to connect with your inner knowing daily through self-reflective prompts, questions, and quotes. It helps you find clarity and adds a point of grounding into your day. It’s super easy to incorporate her deck into your day by pulling a card in the morning, and taking a minute to reflect upon what it means for you, and then moving forward. The Soul Journey deck can help you, by acting as a compass when everything else seems so confusing.
— Sarah Petruno
What you did for me came at the most perfect time! I’ve been going through a lot emotionally and these cards have helped me gain control of myself again and take life day by day...this is such a new journey for me and I’m glad I came across your page—it was definately for a reason!
This deck baby is a has that legit, “we are going to fix you if even if it’s tough vibe”.
I have been using the Soul Journey Deck every evening as part of my daily reflection practice. I find the self-examination prompts so helpful for journaling and have enjoyed the challenges too! The cardstock is excellent quality, especially the silver edging, and the cards are a great size for shuffling. I can’t wait to start using these cards with my clients and my women’s circles. Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure I got my deck, Nancy!
— Beth
The deck is gorgeous! This is definitely a must have! It truly is therapy in a box. Love it!!
— Normaliz
Your deck has helped me dig deep inside and ask myself those tough questions I wouldn’t have been able to face on my own. Thank you.
This deck is truly amazing. I use it practically every day! I have already got some of my friends to purchase this deck so they can have their own little “therapy in a box”.
— Holly
Dude you bring the practical element HARD. Most decks you just flip over cards and move on with your day. But you force us to reflect and let it have an effect on anyone who reads it. It’s like ok homework you lazy f*ck!
Your deck has helped me dig deep inside and ask myself those tough questions I wouldn’t have been able to face on my own. Thank you.
I love this deck, and how it really makes you look deep inside for the things you didn’t even know you needed.
— Laura J
New deck to check out y’all—it’s so good! This is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Quotes, reflections, challenges, and self examinations. If you want to really dig deep this is it. It reads so well and my new current go to for a daily reading.
There is so much emotion behind this dekc. I am so grateful to have come across such an eye opeing inspirtaitonal deck to help me move forward in my spiritual journey. It has given me that push i needed to start writing again. I think everyone should own a deck—it is truly therapy in a box!! Thank you again, I truly needed this in my life!