PREORDER A Spiritualist Séance

PREORDER A Spiritualist Séance



8oz soy wax candle | Lightly Scented with a warm woodsy/musk scent | Cotton Wicks

This is the time when ghosts are present—practicing their terror with goolish delight! WELCOME FOOLISH MORTALS!

Formulated with my RESPOND oil—created and intentioned to summon our friends on the other side right to our side AND topped with a custom blend of herbs to not only increase the properties of the oils but also manage our spirit friends.

Each of the elements in this offering hint back to the medium expressing her craft. The oils (her perfume and incense), the crystals (her ring), the wicks (a pair of candles at her table), and the herbs (the gilded bridge the spirits will travel on).

It’s that time of year again. The veil has already thinned so it must be time to get our séance on! This candle is steeped with all the good juju to get your dead to speak up loud and clear. Grab a couple friends and make a night of it. Don’t worry—the bad spirits will be kept at bay as this offering is treated + topped with herbs to help make sure those nasties don’t stick in your space (or your body)! Make sure you have your protections in place, your crystals + cards ready, and your mind wide open.