REVERB | Sound

REVERB | Sound


6oz soy wax // cotton wick braided w/ paper fibers // lightly scented w/ my signature black currant tea scent // reiki infused

The REVERB candle contains an oil specially formulated to work with your body and sound. Sound is a phenomenal conductor and mover/shifter of energy. This candle can mimic a sound meditation—a full body experience where you lie down and have a symphony of sound from singing bowls, bells, vocals, and more washing over you to move and bring healing.

If being used to develop your clairaudience, this candle can aid in bringing forward psychic sounds spirits’, and guides’ messages so that they are louder + clearer. It’s then up to you to receive them and decipher where and how they fit. In this case, you’ll want to light it and leave it lit until it extinguishes.

Sound is also helpful when doing shamanic journeys. Lighting this, as it mimics a sound meditation, can “get you there” in a smoother and faster way when journeying—allowing deeper and clearer visions and connections to the impressions you receive and your guide’s help + messages. In these cases, you’ll be able to light then blow out the candle for each individual session.

Additionally, this can help when clearing or cleansing your home, jewelry, crystals, spiritual tools, etc. It’s suggested that you also use palo santo to even further move and heal energy. Again, lighting then blowing out after each session.

Make sure when praying audibly over this candle you speak clearly and thoughtfully. Treat this candle like the best friend you always wanted—giving all your intentions, thoughts, wishes, and even fears to it allowing it to become intwined with you and work it’s magic even deeper.

Unlike some of my other candles, Respond can be blown out after sessions.
It can also be left lit to be burnt down completely.

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