RESURGENCE | Clair Engagement

RESURGENCE | Clair Engagement


6oz soy wax // cotton wick braided w/ paper fibers // lightly scented w/ my signature black currant tea scent // reiki infused

The RESURGENCE candle contains an oil specially formulated to blow your Clair abilities out of the water. Feeling like you’re stuck? Can’t decide what to do next with your psychic development? Now, you’re covered. This oil does not fuck around and you don’t get to pick which Clair(s) will pop off.

Clients report feeling this huge, almost anxious, energy when using this oil—my sweet ones take deep breaths and push forward through those feelings. Resurgence acts like a shot of adrenaline to your energetic system. What’s actually being felt and revealed is all the potential of your own personal power. Harness it. Take it all. It’s your birthright.

This formula is no joke and should be treated with deep respect as you are asking for your psychic development to blossom deeply. When praying over this candle make it known that you are open to receive anything that wishes to reveal itself to you in the name of your abilities.

Light the candle and let it burn all the way down without blowing it out. If you must extinguish the flame, please snuff it out so you don’t blow away all the intention and magic your candle is working.

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