RESPOND | Séance

RESPOND | Séance


6oz soy wax // cotton wick braided w/ paper fibers // lightly scented w/ my signature black currant tea scent // reiki infused

The RESPOND candle contains an oil specially formulated to contact and interact with your dead. I tenderly call this my séance candle. It’s intention is to place you directly in their (spirits’) space, allowing them to be perceived more clearly. There is no grounding in this candle and is not meant to be played with. Respond acts as a completely open channel for you to utilize your natural abilities and get to talking to your dead.

Make sure when praying audibly over this candle you speak clearly and thoughtfully. Treat this candle like the best friend you always wanted—giving all your intentions, thoughts, wishes, and even fears to it allowing it to become intwined with you and work it’s magic even deeper.

Unlike some of my other candles, Respond can be blown out after psychic sessions.

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