RENEW | Plants + Nature

RENEW | Plants + Nature


6oz soy wax // cotton wick braided w/ paper fibers // lightly scented w/ my signature black currant tea scent // reiki infused

The RENEW candle contains an oil specially formulated to work with you in conjunction with your plants, flora, and essential oils. I’m talking to you herb + natural witches! This formula is designed to help you expand your language and comprehension as well as absorption of the natural world around you. It can help to direct you in particular plants to work with, aid in acquiring more information, and even with strong intentions can help to bring forward your spiritual teachers in the matter of working in the natural realms.

Much like the Reverb formula, Renew can amplify plant work you’re already doing, as well as mimic other plants you don’t have readily available in your apothecary. Like using mint, for example, to help heal your body, alleviating headaches, and quelling stomach aches.

Make sure when praying audibly over this candle you speak clearly and thoughtfully. Treat this candle like the best friend you always wanted—giving all your intentions, thoughts, wishes, and even fears to it allowing it to become intwined with you and work it’s magic even deeper.

Light the candle and let it burn all the way down without blowing it out. If you must extinguish the flame, please snuff it out so you don’t blow away all the intention and magic your candle is working.

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