REFINE | Color

REFINE | Color


6oz soy wax // cotton wick braided w/ paper fibers // lightly scented w/ my signature black currant tea scent // reiki infused

The REFINE candle contains an oil specially formulated to hone your color skills. Weather this is used for your Clairvoyance, Aura readings, candle magic, crystal communication, chakra work, or even for your Clairaudience (I’m talking to you those who can hear color!) this candle amplifies the frequencies of color around you so that it’s more noticeable and tangible. It can even make the colors you see with your eyes more crisp.

When talking to this candle make your intentions for what you need color for in your life as loud as all the colors are! Maybe even challenge yourself to develop a Clair a little differently, like your Clairaudience, so you can unfold and build new skills.

Light the candle and let it burn all the way down without blowing it out. If you must extinguish the flame, please snuff it out so you don’t blow away all the intention and magic your candle is working.

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