Group Reiki Healing Session | Pay What You May

Group Reiki Healing Session | Pay What You May

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It’s not necessary that you sit and wait “for something to happen” with this session. In fact, I have been instructed to tell you that it may work better if you’re going about your daily business so that the healing work can flow right to you without our minds and bodies getting in the way. By submitting payment, you agree to have the healing take place and are open to receiving the energy brought forward for you.

It is time, my sweet friends, to realign with our heart chakras. We must do for ourselves before we can do for others, and I have found the heart chakra is the perfect place to start that process. As we dive into this energy center, I will be working to realign our energies with that good love juju that’s pouring out of this chakra as well as help reel in our energies to keep them from those prying spirits that are all around us (hello thinning veil).

This place of duality—happiness + peace along with fear + suffering weigh heavy and tug at our hearts, causing all kinds of connectivity issues and weird body feels. This session is going to be intentioned to bring all that focus back to you. Pulling everything in and allowing it all to find its appropriate niche inside ourselves so that we are better able to examine what is happening, what needs healing, what needs purging, and where gratitude for all of these experiences can grow. Hopefully, bringing a fair amount of peace to our heart centers, feeding it, so that we can continue to press forward with kindness and fierce compassion for ourselves and those around us.

Almost every client session in the past couple of months has mentioned the heart chakra—so I feel quite strongly that opening this space in ourselves and allowing what needs to come forward for releasing and brought in for alignment is very necessary right now.

The healing will consist of bowls, bells, vocals, and reiki healing. It will be recorded, and a replay link will be sent to everyone who purchased it.

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