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Soul Journey Deck

This deck wanted to be made...

It is inspired and downloaded directly from Spirit—meant to function like an oracle deck + a spiritual therapist at the same time!

My hope is that this deck helps you to:

  • Recall and be grateful for things throughout your life.

  • Create self-care rituals.

  • Reflect on your boundaries and how they affect both you and those you interact with.

  • Give yourself the space to explore the unconscious motives behind your actions.

  • Examine both the light and shadow sides of yourself.

  • Sort and organize your life without judgment.

  • Allow your heart to speak instead of your mind.

  • Learn to be gentle and tender with yourself during reflections + examinations of difficult prompts.

Soul Journey Deck—"Therapy in a Box"
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I’m a new member to TCC [The Crow Conjuring] and jumped right into the order, meditations, and the workbook. We don’t have a spiritual, metaphysical, or psychic community near my rural hometown so this has been eye opening and so wonderful. Everyone has been great in the community, especially Nancy! I had a few questions about experiences while doing the work, concerns, and needing advice. She got back to me the same evening! Within an hour in fact. As too the point and no BS that they are (which is great in and of itself) , they’re also extremely helpful , kind, and personable. I was surprised at the level of personalization and intimacy I was able to receive via messages. Nancy made me feel welcome, answered my questions, and helped me to feel a part of the bigger community—like I don’t have to do it all alone!


It was the most amazing and truthful reading. It put things into a different perspective and a lot of food for thought. I truly hope I can get past my fears and start working on my soul path.

I’ve had a few readings in my past, but Nancy was the MOST spot on. She literally talked about stuff NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE would know. Like random day dream thoughts you wouldn’t tell anyone were brought up point blank cause my guides wanted to talk about what?!? If you want the real deal and want your shit sorted out go to her. You will not be disappointed. I’ve now sent a few friends her way and more are coming. Everyone so far feels the same as me. Don’t believe me try her out for yourself, you won’t regret it.

My upside down reading was exactly what I needed to hear in the situation I am in. I got the clarification I need to move forward with my decision and stick to it. Thank you for the reading! Look forward to more :)

This is the real deal. There are some readers who use scare tactics and say so much without actually saying anything. But the Upside Down reading is so much more than a reading. Nancy knew things that I've never spoke about or shared and gave clarity to them. She made it easy to understand and gave tips on how to best uncover the solutions. Forever grateful to Nancy for this. So healing.

Nancy Upside Down reading are amazing! They also are always spot on!

Nancy is gifted. In my reading, a lot of it really spoke to what I was feeling, thinking, and recently experiencing. There was one comment I didn't know what it was about, within a week I knew EXACTLY what it was about. It was uncanny! If you're looking to get more in touch with you spiritual side, Nancy has a way of teaching and explaining without being condescending at all. In fact, she appreciates people with genuine interest in what she does. I'd highly recommend!!

I absolutely loved my Upside Down reading!! I have listened multiple times and each time I am more amazed about what came up. Nancy went into depth about things that have definitely been on my mind lately so it is amazing she was able to connect and share words of advice that were greatly needed and appreciated!! Thank you so much.

Nancy's Upside Down Readings are truly amazing! If you are thinking about getting one, you will not be disappointed. She immediately made a connection and was able to pick up on so many different things. The depth of the reading was astounding. Not only was she able to pick up on the things going on, but was able to help me understand the steps I need to take and the work I need to do for myself to move forward and continue my healing journey. Thank you so much, Nancy, from the bottom of my heart!

I absolutely love both of mini upside down readings. From the minute you start talking I felt connected and understood exactly where you were coming from. I will definitely would get another.

I believe everyone should have an upside down reading from Nancy. This amazing reading completely puts you on blast. All in a completely good and healing way. She has this ability to see through you and the bs you tell yourself by getting you unstuck and tune in to yourself absolutely instantaneously. It’s so hard to verbalize how eye opening and completely life changing this reading is. But I can say this, sometimes it’s hard to step out of your way to be the best version of yourself. You can come up with excuses and tell yourself that you’re not worthy to live your best life. Within this reading Nancy’s ability to shine light on the things that are really blocking you and provide guidance if needed to promote the healing you need is beyond priceless. I’m truly grateful for her guidance and ability to awaken apart of myself I was initially afraid of but now is an amazing asset of mine. And I wouldn’t have found out about it if I didn’t have this amazing reading with her.

I’ve always loved Nancy and after this upside reading, I love her even more. The reading was exactly what I needed to hear and asked for. The good and the “bad”. I trust her and she has really helped me figure some things out. Thanks Nancy!! I would definitely recommend you guys giving her a shot!

I have received 3 upside down snapshot readings so far and I love them, I am always amazed at how accurate Nancy has been with not only the things that are going on around me but how I'm feeling inside and they're usually things I don't share with others, she always offers great advice on what to do to get past any obstacles or "blockages", sometimes even getting called out on my own shit is enough of a slap in the face to get me thinking straight again, I highly recommend, thanks Nancy!


Nancy the 💥 bomb! Her abilities to tap into your world is amazing. I am so grateful and humbled to work beside an outstanding individual in my life. Please check out her Deck, readings and reiki. This woman is that legit. Love her to pieces.

Thank you for bring some understanding for me. It was an intense experience but was very healing. I laughed when you said you had to take a step back and breath for a few minutes and refocus me. There was a moment when I thought to myself, “I wonder if she is feeling any of this?” Legit had moments of overload. There was a few seconds were another loved one, who had passed on, tried coming through and I remember trying to control the situation with only allowing my grandparents and bio father to come through and told the other they could not right now. That is probably the exact moment you stepped back telling me to slow my roll.

I’ve definitely been noticing new energetic feelings in my hands as I practice. It’s like a shift has occurred and I have a less tenuous grasp of the energy that I could feel ebbing and flowing before. I’ve also seen some interesting moving lights as well, that I haven’t experienced before, as well as some neat serendipitous occurrences. I’m very much enjoying practicing on myself, my plants, my spaces, and my dogs. My dogs enjoy it as well!

During the session I felt a LOT of different sensations, in my shoulder, third eye/crown and throat. I can’t really remember where else. I felt such a shift after our session, it’s hard to explain. I slept better than I have in months, the next day (yesterday) I woke up and felt more connected to Spirit than I have in quite some time. I even wrote a poem, which I used to do all the time. Thank you so much for offering this to the tribe members. I look forward to connecting with you more!

Its been a little weird but good since the attunement; with moments of heat to the point of sweating, feelings of anxiety then calmness, extremely quiet and tired, I will feel like what happened was real then will have moments were I feel like I made it up in my head. Its just been a process and I am pretty sure it will continue to process through as my cleansing continues. (P.S. buckle up for my 2nd attunement, I can only imagine what will happen, LOL)”

I had my reiki 1 attunement this past Wednesday and while I didn’t feel much during, besides a nice meditative calm, boy am I feeling a lot AFTER! I’ve got a full body ache, like I did a crazy workout, and I’m having very strange dreams (stranger than normal lol) but last night I was visited by the spirit of my dear departed black cat decoy, who passed in January, and I was filled with comfort and joy.

Thank you so much for the experience tonight! I really didn’t know what to expect but it really felt magical. I felt warmth in my heart chakra area and then I felt a pulsing tingling and warmth in my third eye chakra. It was very gradual and calming—I also felt internal energy like something was flittering and fluttering around my heart. I started to see glowing colors of the rainbow in pulses too and then everything gradually faded.It was wonderful and I want to thank you so much for the awesome experience-such a gift you have and I hope to have this ability too someday!

Thank you so much for the Reiki 1 Attumenment. I tried my best to be open without expectations when entering the session and feel it was a beautiful experience. I was in place probably a good 15 minutes before the session started and I felt a “calling” when, I feel, the session began, when you started the connection. For the most part the entire experience is probably subdued in comparison to others’ experience, but it was good for me!

I want to thank Nancy Hess so much for doing the distance attunement. It was a wonderful experience. I felt the energy like a gentle soothing wave enter my head and flow through my body. I laid there for a good extra 10 minutes after as I felt it still there and lingering.

Just did my reiki two attunement and my third eye is still buzzing, and my face still feels (minty) and I have such an energy rush!!!

Shout out to Reiki Master Nancy Hess! She gave me my Level 1 Attunement yesterday—yowzers. Such a wonderful being she is! I love her energy and feel soooo good that I am now in her Reiki “family.” Thank you, Nancy!

Thank you, Nancy! I’ve had a bad cold the last few days and for about 15 minutes during my attunement I felt almost euphoric. Not only is that super cool, it’s also such a nice break from cold symptoms! Now I feel like my cells are vibrating, I’m feeling super good and happy, and thinking about the cool light show I had behind my eyelids during the energy transfer!


Self-reflection is touted as the ultimate means to discovering your soul path, your true desires, and the way forward, but you don’t always know what you’re supposed to reflect on and what questions you’re supposed to ask. Yes, listening to your own intuition is the ultimate, but there are times when even that is cloudy. Nancy’s deck is a way to connect with your inner knowing daily through self-reflective prompts, questions, and quotes. It helps you find clarity and adds a point of grounding into your day. It’s super easy to incorporate her deck into your day by pulling a card in the morning, and taking a minute to reflect upon what it means for you, and then moving forward. The Soul Journey deck can help you, by acting as a compass when everything else seems so confusing.

What you did for me came at the most perfect time! I’ve been going through a lot emotionally and these cards have helped me gain control of myself again and take life day by day...this is such a new journey for me and I’m glad I came across your page—it was definitely for a reason!

This deck baby is a has that legit, “we are going to fix you if even if it’s tough vibe”.

I have been using the Soul Journey Deck every evening as part of my daily reflection practice. I find the self-examination prompts so helpful for journaling and have enjoyed the challenges too! The card stock is excellent quality, especially the silver edging, and the cards are a great size for shuffling. I can’t wait to start using these cards with my clients and my women’s circles. Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure I got my deck, Nancy!

Your deck has helped me dig deep inside and ask myself those tough questions I wouldn’t have been able to face on my own. Thank you.

The deck is gorgeous! This is definitely a must have! It truly is therapy in a box. Love it!!

This deck is truly amazing. I use it practically every day! I have already got some of my friends to purchase this deck so they can have their own little “therapy in a box”.

Dude you bring the practical element HARD. Most decks you just flip over cards and move on with your day. But you force us to reflect and let it have an effect on anyone who reads it. It’s like ok homework you lazy f*ck!

Your deck has helped me dig deep inside and ask myself those tough questions I wouldn’t have been able to face on my own. Thank you.

I love this deck and how it really makes you look deep inside for the things you didn’t even know you needed.

New deck to check out y’all—it’s so good! This is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Quotes, reflections, challenges, and self examinations. If you want to really dig deep this is it. It reads so well and my new current go to for a daily reading.

There is so much emotion behind this deck. I am so grateful to have come across such an eye opening inspirational deck to help me move forward in my spiritual journey. It has given me that push i needed to start writing again. I think everyone should own a deck—it is truly therapy in a box!! Thank you again, I truly needed this in my life!