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Hello there crows & future crows. I’m Nancy & my partner Lexi with TCC would like to extend a healing hand to anyone whose shit is way outta this world and in need of some deep healing through our fabulous Fellowship Program!


Fellows want to focus on their healing both physical and spiritual. We hope and encourage that your potential Fellowship Position offers you a foothold on your healing that would continue with a subscription after your Fellowship ends.

Each month, we will have 3 Fellowship Positions available to members not already a part of our TCC community. You must fill out an application online to be considered for a position (which are 1-month terms only). After submitting your application, you’re added to our waiting list for approval (aka until your name is picked). Please only submit ONE application per person. Your name remains on our queue list until it is chosen for a month.

Fellows are allowed full use for the site EXCEPT they are not permitted to purchase LRIs nor gain admittance to the closed Facebook group.

For full rules, process, and more juicy details please check the link in my bio.
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Reading Disclaimers

Mediumship + Card Pulls

We DO NOT READ FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT PAID FOR A SESSION. It is not our place, and against our moral code, to read for someone who does not know they are being read. Meaning, if you purchase a reading and then start asking questions about other people—that's a big no no—the reading will conclude promptly. However if you purchase a reading for a friend as a gift—totally fine!! But they will be the one that receives the messages not you.

Our readings are about you and your journey. And while that may incorporate others, that will come through in an organic way if the need is there. Otherwise, the messages will be focused on you and what you need to grow/heal/learn.

It is always best to go into any kind of reading with a specific intention in mind regardless of if you choose to hold those intentions in your heart, speak them aloud, or simply just want your intention for the session to be "open to whatever comes to you." 

That being said, we always "give what we get" meaning that even if you speak or hold intention for the session, that may not be where the messages you receive go. There is a large team of Angels, Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters, and Spirit that we will listen to and relay their messages to you. It is always best to remain open to what needs and is chosen to come through to you in that moment.

Most of the time...we’re gonna be honest...Spirit (including actual spirits + angel/guides team) doesn't really care what it is that you want to hear if they've got something you need to hear. They are always look to bring and serve you with the information that is going to best and most serve your highest good for the current time and near future. Especially since we live in a time where we focus so much on the outside world and not ourselves...when we finally make the time to allow ourselves to sit and hear what Spirit has to say—THEY JUMP ON THE CHANCE TO LAY IT ON YA!

Please know, that we do not issue refunds. Just because you didn't like what Spirit had to say, or you didn't get to hear something you wanted...sorry folks, we have no control over that. You'll just need to take and swallow the pill that Spirit dealt for you today and hope that you can incorporate that information in a healthy way to assist in whatever guidance you were seeking. 

If you have questions about my refund policy you can check it out here.


By requesting a reading and/or scheduling an appointment with Nancy Hess, Lexi Bruno, or Yamila Castro, you understand, and therefore agree, that Nancy, Lexi, or Yamila are not licensed medical professionals or other licensed professionals (like accountants or lawyers) and cannot provide any medical or legal advice. Any information or advice given to you by Nancy, Lexi, or Yamila is not to be used by you in place of any medical, legal, or treatment/diagnosis plan from qualified and licensed professionals in their respective fields. Any reading and/or scheduled appointment is meant to offer you insight into your personal or spiritual life and in no way constitutes as medical or legal advice as stated above. Nancy, Lexi, or Yamila will not be held liable for any damages resulting in either the use of this site or any reading or scheduled appointment, nor liable for any decisions that you choose to make as a result of any information on this site or through a reading or scheduled appointment including without limitation, actual, incidental and/or consequential damages resulting from any claims resulting from any act or omission, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or otherwise, including without limitation, personal injury, death, loss of income, stress (emotional or otherwise), errors or omissions, or otherwise.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that allows the practitioner to channel the infinite universal energy that is all around us, and use it as a source of inspiration, relaxation, and ultimately transformation.

It is helpful for things like: aiding in physical rehabilitation for injuries (pain relief), anxiety or stress relief, general emotional clarity and stability, healing old wounds or trauma (emotional and physical), healing from past or current relationships, and spiritual growth.

Reiki helps bring your awareness back to your body—allowing you to study and focus on all the different areas of yourself (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically)—and learning how to bring those aspects back into harmony. It builds a special kind of relationship and bridge of communication between your physical and spiritual self—bringing you back to the basics of what you really need while chipping away at what doesn't serve you. 

It is important to remember that reiki is a supplemental healing tool. It should never take the place of traditional medicine or psychiatric care.


Everyone experiences this healing energy in a different way.

In the early sessions, Reiki helps bring about an instill a deep sense of relaxation—that is probably the most common reaction I hear. It encourages a deep meditative state—allowing the client to release anxiety and tension they may be holding in their mind and/or body, focus on their breath, and practice being completely present. 

You may also be quite aware of my "reiki hands." Some people feel heat, some feel cool air, and it can even feel like you're being wrapped up in a warm hug. There are those who fall asleep or experience strong emotions (like crying or laughter). And most clients leave feeling really peaceful and rejuvenated, and have a great night's sleep.


Sessions are usually conducted in low lighting. Sometimes there is incense burning, essential oils diffusing, and candles burning. (talk about ambiance!) These items help me create a cozy and safe place for you to explore, heal, and grow!

We always start a session by signing a release form (to get the fine print and details out of the way) and talk about your intentions and goals for our session. We answer questions, form a "plan of attack," then we get started!

You may or may not feel my hands move around specific areas of your body. Any sensations you feel are welcomed to be shared during your session. At the end, you are free to share your experiences, and we discuss post-session care.


Of course! Any one can learn Reiki! That’s part of the beauty of this type of energy healing. Nancy teaches all 3 levels of Reiki, though in a slightly untraditional way. All of her clients know that she teaches and presents things as she’s had experience with them—Reiki is no different. She offers both level 1 + 2 attunements during the same session so that you have deeper access to the symbols offered to you in level 2 right off the bat. The experience of practicing and actively using Reiki came during her level 2 attunement, with the use of the symbols. In no means is that a traditional way of practicing and teaching this healing, however with over 100 of her attunement students they’ve found great success with getting both of their level 1 + 2 done simultaneously.

Level 3, the Master level, is one Nancy typically suggest leaving some time between your last attunement to receive. This allows you to get a feel for your energy, how it moves through you, how you experience (through all 6 of your senses), and your general rituals for your healing practice. The Master level also allows you to have the opportunity (though not required) to also attune others to Reiki, which is covered in that level’s class.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the practice of certain people, using a variety of psychic methods, to communicate and connect with those who have transitioned to spirit. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums and there are many different types of communications that mediums use and receive when connecting with spirit.

Connecting with spirit is a phenomenal way to reach places in your personal healing that you may not have thought possible. I have seen even the most simple of messages conveyed by loved ones and friends who have transitioned to spirit bring a deep healing and forgiveness. 


Each reading is different, because each spirit and client is different. There are never any set messages that people receive. Sometimes the message are full of love and accolades, other times the messages can be filled with support for difficult times, some are congratulatory, and other times spirit just touches in to let the client know that they're there. Messages a client receives are the messages that they need for the current time and the short foreseeable future.

It's all about building that bridge between those who have transitioned and who are still here the physical. Just because they're "gone" doesn't mean they've left. Spirit is always around guiding and helping us, sending encouragement, support, and love.

A lot of what comes through in readings is also guidance and support from your energetic team of guides and angels. Sometimes they talk about your life paths + direction, career, love lives—anything goes when it comes to hearing what our spiritual team has to say!


When a person dies traumatically (which is a mater of perspective for each individual…there are as many ways to experience trauma as there are people on the planet), it's possible for their transition to their next best place to be put on hold—resulting in them being "stuck" here with us, lost and unable to move on.

Just like people need therapists, sometimes so does spirit. Many do not realize they have died, some are quire literally blind to the light, and some are confused about why and where they are. Rescue mediums are able to communicate with these spirits, heal the trauma holding them here, remove any blocks, and move them to their next best place. 

In any of these cases, the spirit cannot stay tethered to the earth plane. Their energy is much stronger without the physical body to tie to, and it can effect us left in the physical in countless ways. Moving them on is always the best solution. Some of the time this causes spirits to be stuck in your home, is also where I can help out.

Are you experiencing Paranormal Activity?



If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a home consultation session please email me by clicking here.

I specialize in ridding your space, item, and/or person(s)  of any type of spirit, haunting, or poltergeist activity.

Whether it is noises like knocking/scratching/footsteps/voices, electrical issues, shadows/orbs, strange feelings in your home/space, unwillingness to be in a certain area of your space, being touched/watched/followed, or even things moving or matter what you're experiencing I can assist you in finding a solution using my mediumship skills.

Your home should be a safe space.

Most of my clients have children, as do I. So I completely understand making your home environment as safe as it can be for you and your family (pets included!). And while spirits in your home are most definitely not your normal, they are my normal and I have the ability to extract them without any issues.