All the candles listed below are created with very specific intentions in mind. Each one comes fixed with special oils, symbols, and reiki—made at the time of order, specific to your energy.

These are not candles that you just light and blow out at will. These are meant to be lit, prayed over, talked to, loved on—like you would your best friend. Lay all your wants, desires, dreams, wishes, hopes, fears, anxieties, suffering…give it ALL to these candles. Now is the time to speak up! Let these candles help propel you forward on your journey.

Keep them in your space with you—they want to be included in your daily activities. You can’t “set it and forget it” with these sweet darlings. Every time you pass by it or think about it walk close to it and (with common sense of course) let the flame dance before you and share even more secrets. Nothing will happen if you don’t wish it to be so. The Universe, and your spirits, need you to go the distance as a show of good faith for what it is you wish to manifest. Be open. Be brutally honest. Be submissive to what you receive. BE GRATEFUL.

I’m giving you the keys to your vehicle. Run with it.


  1. Some of the candles will come with a prayer. Instructions for those candles appear on that prayer sheet.

  2. Each candle is to be lit and prayed over based on the intention of the candle you purchased in conjunction with what outcomes you’d like to obtain.

  3. Leave the candle lit until it burns down completely. If you need to extinguish the flame SNUFF THE CANDLE OUT BY PLACING THE LID ON THE CANDLE. DO NOT—I REPEAT—DO NOT BLOW OUT THE FLAME. Blowing out the flame will “blow away” all the hard work and magic that is building by the candle burning itself down.

  4. If you are afraid to leave the candle lit or can’t be in the room with it to supervise, I suggest placing it in a small dish of water that comes up about half way up the tin to keep it safe. Sometimes when I leave the house, I put that dish in the sink or my bathtub for extra precaution.

  5. DO YOUR WORK. Probably the most important step. I cannot do your work for you. I can only provide you a mode or method to your practice. DO YOUR WORK. MAKE MY MAGIC WORK FOR YOU + PROPEL YOU TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.