The Crow Conjuring is now expanding its Fellowship Program

We know how important the healing work you need to get done is. But, we also know there can be financial hardship.

Now The Crow Conjuring is able to extend the opportunity for anyone who needs a little extra help.

We have a total of 17 Fellowship Positions available. Once they are filled, your name will be added to our waiting list.


  • Fellows want to focus on their healing both physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Fellows in all outward facing ways are EQUAL to any other Crow Conjuring subscriber. No one will know you are a fellow except for you.

  • The intention of The Crow Conjuring was to ACTIVELY engage with our offerings. By joining, you make your best efforts to attend the sessions we host LIVE and not only through replays.

  • You will be granted ONE FREE TRIAL MONTH, during which we will monitor your engagement with our offerings as well as make sure you are good/okay with what we’re providing for you.

  • After your month has been served, you will be extended the opportunity to subscribe and join TCC with the rest of our clients at an exclusive DISCOUNTED RATE.

  • If you are still unable to subscribe at our discounted rate please email for next steps.

  • Please only submit one application per person, multiple submissions does not guarantee you being granted a Fellow position.

  • After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by our leaders.

  • Your application IS NOT DELETED UNTIL we admit you into the Fellowship Program.

  • There is a queue and all applications will be considered in the order that they are submitted.

  • In some rare and special circumstances, based on the needs of our clients and through the review of our healers, people may be chosen in an order different than the queue dictates.

  • After you’ve been granted a Fellowship Position, you are allowed full use of the site (including sessions, replays, the workbook, bonus content, etc)

  • If you decide to leave the Fellowship Program at any time you will be ineligible to reapply for an additional Fellowship grant for 90 days (3 months)

We don’t take this lightly. Payment for memberships helps to bring a certain kind of energetic weight and agreement to what it is you're entering to—both for us to provide services and for you to show up for yourself and your time and hard-earned money. These positions are an extension of our deep belief in providing healing to those who need it.

please fill out the form entirely and click submit below.

Note the form is not able to hold your place/save, and must be completed all at once.

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Let's make sure we've got all our intentions aligned. Please read and click through the agreements below.
This is an offering we would like to continue to offer to our potential and current clients under financial stress and we take this very seriously. It is no one's business but the business of the applicant what they are paying. Please respect the privacy of others who may be in the program by being confidential with this information. *
You understand that you may have regular check-ins as well as a mandatory 6-month check-in to make sure TCC is still working for you + you're still engaging with the content. *
You understand that if you leave your Fellowship (no hard feelings!) at any time, you will have to wait 90 days (3 months) before you can reapply. *