What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that allows the practitioner to channel the infinite universal energy that is all around us, and use it as a source of inspiration, relaxation, and ultimately transformation.

It is helpful for things like: aiding in physical rehabilitation for injuries (pain relief), anxiety or stress relief, general emotional clarity and stability, healing old wounds or trauma (emotional and physical), healing from past or current relationships, and spiritual growth.

Reiki helps bring your awareness back to your body—allowing you to study and focus on all the different areas of yourself (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically)—and learning how to bring those aspects back into harmony. It builds a special kind of relationship and bridge of communication between your physical and spiritual self—bringing you back to the basics of what you really need while chipping away at what doesn't serve you. 

It is important to remember that reiki is a supplemental healing tool. It should never take the place of traditional medicine or psychiatric care.


Everyone experiences this healing energy in a different way.

In the early sessions, Reiki helps bring about an instill a deep sense of relaxation—that is probably the most common reaction I hear. It encourages a deep meditative state—allowing the client to release anxiety and tension they may be holding in their mind and/or body, focus on their breath, and practice being completely present. 

You may also be quite aware of my "reiki hands." Some people feel heat, some feel cool air, and it can even feel like you're being wrapped up in a warm hug. There are those who fall asleep or experience strong emotions (like crying or laughter). And most clients leave feeling really peaceful and rejuvenated, and have a great night's sleep.


Sessions are usually conducted in low lighting. Sometimes there is incense burning, essential oils diffusing, and candles burning. (talk about ambiance!) These items help me create a cozy and safe place for you to explore, heal, and grow!

We always start a session by signing a release form (to get the fine print and details out of the way) and talk about your intentions and goals for our session. We answer questions, form a "plan of attack," then we get started!

You may or may not feel my hands move around specific areas of your body. Any sensations you feel are welcomed to be shared during your session. At the end, you are free to share your experiences, and we discuss post-session care.


Of course! Any one can learn Reiki! That’s part of the beauty of this type of energy healing. Nancy teaches all 3 levels of Reiki, though in a slightly untraditional way. All of her clients know that she teaches and presents things as she’s had experience with them—Reiki is no different. She offers both level 1 + 2 attunements during the same session so that you have deeper access to the symbols offered to you in level 2 right off the bat. The experience of practicing and actively using Reiki came during her level 2 attunement, with the use of the symbols. In no means is that a traditional way of practicing and teaching this healing, however with over 100 of her attunement students they’ve found great success with getting both of their level 1 + 2 done simultaneously.

Level 3, the Master level, is one Nancy typically suggest leaving some time between your last attunement to receive. This allows you to get a feel for your energy, how it moves through you, how you experience (through all 6 of your senses), and your general rituals for your healing practice. The Master level also allows you to have the opportunity (though not required) to also attune others to Reiki, which is covered in that level’s class.