What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the practice of certain people, using a variety of psychic methods, to communicate and connect with those who have transitioned to spirit. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums and there are many different types of communications that mediums use and receive when connecting with spirit.

Connecting with spirit is a phenomenal way to reach places in your personal healing that you may not have thought possible. I have seen even the most simple of messages conveyed by loved ones and friends who have transitioned to spirit bring a deep healing and forgiveness. 


Each reading is different, because each spirit and client is different. There are never any set messages that people receive. Sometimes the message are full of love and accolades, other times the messages can be filled with support for difficult times, some are congratulatory, and other times spirit just touches in to let the client know that they're there. Messages a client receives are the messages that they need for the current time and the short foreseeable future.

It's all about building that bridge between those who have transitioned and who are still here the physical. Just because they're "gone" doesn't mean they've left. Spirit is always around guiding and helping us, sending encouragement, support, and love.

A lot of what comes through in readings is also guidance and support from your energetic team of guides and angels. Sometimes they talk about your life paths + direction, career, love lives—anything goes when it comes to hearing what our spiritual team has to say!


When a person dies traumatically (which is a mater of perspective for each individual…there are as many ways to experience trauma as there are people on the planet), it's possible for their transition to their next best place to be put on hold—resulting in them being "stuck" here with us, lost and unable to move on.

Just like people need therapists, sometimes so does spirit. Many do not realize they have died, some are quire literally blind to the light, and some are confused about why and where they are. Rescue mediums are able to communicate with these spirits, heal the trauma holding them here, remove any blocks, and move them to their next best place. 

In any of these cases, the spirit cannot stay tethered to the earth plane. Their energy is much stronger without the physical body to tie to, and it can effect us left in the physical in countless ways. Moving them on is always the best solution. Some of the time this causes spirits to be stuck in your home, is also where I can help out.