Want to be a reader for The Order?

When are the open reading sessions held?

Each 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month The Crow Conjuring’s church, The Order, offers open reading sessions for members of our community who sign up for a time slot. Readers from any background, using any form of divination (tarot, oracle, crystals, pendulum, runes, mediumship, angel readings, or even just intuitive hit readings), can serve The Order.

What’s in it for you?

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE CROW CONJURING. You do NOT have to pay to attend a church service. You do NOT have to pay to be a reader for The Order. In fact, YOU WILL BE PAID for your service to the church.

This offers our community the opportunity to read for others, build their skills, try new things, practice current techniques, or explore new ones. It also offers validation and a furthering of spiritual paths and beliefs, while also offering low-cost (love donation based) readings. We see this as an opportunity to serve the larger community—maybe even find some new clients!

We are offering a $15 payment to all readers (for approx 25 min of service) in addition to the love offerings that are collected at the end of the all message service you serve in. This means even if no one donates, you are guaranteed $15 for your service to The Order.

Love offerings given during the session by the congregation will be divided equally between the readers serving for the night within 3 days of the service. Know, there is no guarantee to the amount of money you may collect for donations.

What is the benefit to a group witnessing a one-at-a-time read?

Everyone is gathered at the same time for a reason. Messages that are brought forward for other congregation members may also have meaning for another present—allow yourself to absorb any information that you feel resonates with you.

It helps a reader to learn to focus their energy differently while giving messages. Having a larger group changes the amount of energy, of intention, for the given period of time we’re all gathered together.

When signing up for a time slot to read, you agree to the following:

  • to show up LIVE and ON TIME to the time slot you signed up for.

  • to be respectful and courteous of each member of the congregation, other readers, and the TCC leaders.

  • you agree to NOT give legal or medical advice.

  • you have and use ZOOM video conferencing for all gatherings you’re reading in.

  • to notify us 72 hours in advance if you are unable to attend your designated time slot.

  • if you must cancel your time slot within the 72 hour period, upon review of your circumstances, you may be subject to a 4 month cooling off period before you can resubmit for a future time slot.

  • you understand that if you are more than 10 minutes late to a service your right to read can/may be forfeited resulting in you not receiving payment.

  • you understand that you are obligated to stay for the entirety of the service even if you’re first to read for the night.

  • you understand that if you are serving in the 2nd half of the service, you must arrive at the beginning of the service or forfeit your right to read.

  • you understand that these are not single-client reads—these are quick (up to 5 minute) touch-ins.

  • you understand that you have approx. 25 min to read for approx. half (depending on length of your readings) of the congregation that appears for the all message service.

  • you understand that you will be paid $15 for your approx. 25 minutes of service + half of the love donations for the evening collected.

  • you understand we submit all payments to our readers through PayPal, and your PayPal link and/or email will be requested upon signup.

  • you understand that you most likely will be splitting time between you and another reader.

  • if another reader does not sign up for the second time slot, you may (not guaranteed) be presented with the option of reading for the approx. full hour (allowing you to collect both time slots guaranteed $15 + all the love offerings that night) OR maintaining your approx. 30 min time slot ($15 + half of the love donations).

  • after the first reader there will be 3 minutes of silent meditation before the next reader begins.

  • the reader that goes first has dibs over who in the congregation is read first.

  • you agree to not read someone who has already received a message that evening to provide the opportunity for everyone to get a message.

  • you may not sign up for multiple slots for the same service date.

  • we reserve the right to remove readers from their scheduled time slots without cause or warning, forfeiting their payment as well as the right to prevent a reader from filling future time slots.

alternate reader slots

If both time slots for a single service you’d like to participate in are already taken, the alternate reader slots (up to 5 for each service) will be filled. As an alternate, you will be notified, most likely on short notice, should one of our previously scheduled readers cannot fulfill their duty.

Alternates also will be given first choice for future time slots.


By signing up for a time slot you agree and consent to all the above terms + rules.

We submit all payments to our readers through PayPal within 3 days of the service you served. You will be asked for your paypal link and/or email associated with your PayPal account to payout your compensation.

Sign up for your time slot by clicking here.