Higher Self Upside Down Snapshot

Higher Self Upside Down Snapshot


This Upside Down Snapshot will take a look at your Higher Self and assess where it is in relation to you in the middle world (aka earth plane). We will tap in to ideas/visions/emotions/pathways your Higher Self is needing from you. Any other messages from your guides/angels will come through as well (as needed) and be included. All of this in the name of trying to bring closer + unite you with this aspect of yourself. Reading will be approx. 10–15 min, audio recorded, and emailed to you via email you use at checkout.

6oz soy wax candle is fixed specifically to work with your reading and will be shipped once your reading is complete. It will contain a special blend of oils from my new candle line. Additional care/ritual instructions may be included with your candle based on the recommendation of your Higher Self, guides, and other energies.

For questions about this item, please contact NANCY.

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