Third Eye Guide Journey

Third Eye Guide Journey


This modified shamanic journey helps you to find and engage with your third eye chakra. If you need to work with this specific energetic system/part of your body this would be a great place to start.

If you feel like you’re not “getting there”…remember you are taking a psychic journey. Everything you are asking your guides to do…you’re doing the exact same thing—but going to them. In order for them to get to you, I also believe you must know how to get to them. Hopefully, this helps you to learn to break barriers in a different way. Practicing these over and over is encouraged and recommended in order for you to get where you get to go.

Even if this isn’t a way you’d like to do it, it can help provide that foothold for you to learn to access the information and connections you seek.

This does rely heavily on taking all the information you get. No questioning. Taking what we get and using that information and moving forward. As best you can, try to not have expectations. There are no right or wrong answers. This is a space place to go—something that may “seem” scary really aren’t…and some things that may “seem” fine and dandy may kick ya ass. Take deep breaths. Go with the flow. Learn along the way.

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