Healing Oil Blend | 5mL Rollerball | Unscented

Healing Oil Blend | 5mL Rollerball | Unscented


These rollerballs contain a custom blend of my new oils that are going in my candles.

These oils work with your physical body to help “feed” it and allow it to align (aka comply) with the intention of these oils so that when applied to your skin they let your spirit work as it needs to.

This month, being Spirit Release, the blend in this rollerball contains:

RELEASE—ground and connect back to yourself, pulling more of you back into your body to solidly ground into your body…while allowing your spirit to move as it needs.

RETRIEVE—soul retrieval, allowing those pieces to ask to be called towards you. traditionally this oil comes with a prayer, but when used during the soul retrieval this month, this will act like a “primer” for that work we’re doing during the session

RECLAIM—power retrieval oil that works to allow you to take more control by even just applying the oil since it works to say you are ready to do the work you need to do. In conjunction with spirit release work this month, engaging willingly into this work, it helps to resonate your body and spirit with the vibrations of recalling and reclaiming your personal power.

RECHERCHÉ—an oil to resonate with our dark mother Hecate. This oil calls her in and asks her to stand by our side as we pull one last big release session together. Asking her to help us as we venture into the darkness one last time, and letting her neutral magic pull and release what needs to be released.

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